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Digital X-Ray in South Delhi and Faridabad

Digital X-Ray

We also have an advanced Digital X-Rays Machine i.e Japan based Konika Minolta which provides clear view of the diagnosis and that helps the doctors in taking right treatment decisions.

We at Dr. Rupali's Medical and Diagnostics understand the challenges facing today’s senior citizens and are committed to providing the most advanced technology and services available to our customers. Call us to book your X-ray appointment at home/office or fill in our online appointment request form.

Benfits of Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography provides so many advantages over conventional film that it’s easy to see why practices are making the transition to digital dental X-ray systems in waves. It’s telling that dentists without digital X-ray imaging who plan to sell their dental practices are finding it difficult, at best.

  • Higher quality of care
  • X-ray image enhancement
  • Fewer files cluttering office space
  • No chemical developers
  • Quick image sharing
  • Easier use than conventional radiography
  • Easier use than conventional radiography
  • Digital X-Rays of Chest
  • Digital X-Rays of Kub
  • Digital X-Rays of Foot
  • Digital X-Rays of Wrist
  • Digital X-Rays of Hand

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